Office of Business and Tourism 

Business and TourismOverview
The Office of Business and Tourism (OBT) is overseen directly by the City Manager’s Office and tasked with managing the city's Retail Sales Enhancement (RSE) and Tourism Promotion (TP) Programs. The OBT's mission is to enhance the vitality of existing businesses and promote the raw natural beauty and myriad outdoor recreational opportunities in and around Montrose. Its activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner that encourages participation from the public. Expenditure reports and program updates are included with notes from monthly meetings of the Tourism Retail Advisory Committee.
Social Media
The City of Montrose makes use of social media to engage residents to
learn about needs and concerns, contribute to relevant conversations, and
promote City programs and services. The OBT manages both the Visit Montrose Facebook and Twitter feeds and invites you to join us in conversations about current events and community happenings.

For a complete list of community partner social networking sites, feel free to visit the Montrose Community Portal.