Office of Business and Tourism

The Office of Business and Tourism (OBT) is overseen directly by the City Manager’s Office and tasked with managing the city's Retail Sales Enhancement (RSE) and Tourism Promotion (TP) Programs. The OBT's mission is to attract new business, enhance the vitality of existing businesses and promote the raw natural beauty and myriad outdoor recreational opportunities in and around Montrose.
Business and Tourism
Event Support
The dual mission of the OBT is to increase hotel stays and retail sales. Therefore, special events that will be considered for fiscal support are those that are designed to increase retail sales within the City of Montrose and tourism activities within the immediate region. Events awarded funding support will necessarily impact local hospitality and other businesses while also providing entertainment and pastime opportunities for the general community.

The city will also organize various community events such as Earth Week, Fourth of July festivities, and various holiday activities such as the tree lighting ceremony and the Parade of Lights.

Special Event Summit
On March 11 the OBT hosted the 2014 Special Event Summit at the Montrose Pavilion. The summit included a review of the 2014 Special Events Strategy, a roll out of the new policy and processes for applying for special event funding, a networking session to encourage cross-promotion among organizers, and strategies to help boost tourism and event attendance.

OBT Program Documents