Uncompahgre Events Plaza

In 2010 the city purchased the Traveler's Inn property located on the southeast corner of South First Street and Uncompahgre Avenue in anticipation of future expansion of the city police facility.  Until this expansion takes place in the distant future, this property will be utilized as a plaza for Farmer's Market and other downtown events.

Asbestos assessment was conducted in 2011 and all asbestos materials were removed.  In late 2011, the events plaza project was designed by city staff and a construction contract awarded to Upland Companies of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Demolition of the dilapidated buildings and clearing of the site began in February.  Once completed, the lot will be covered with an all-purpose, reddish-brown granite sand surface.  Streetscape elements, consisting of wider sidewalks with brick paved band, ornamental lights, and trees will be installed along Uncompahgre and South First

Construction is expected to be completed by mid-May before the beginning of the summer Farmer's Market season.

Cost & Funding
The total cost of the project will be around $150,000 and will be funded from a combination of the General Fund ($50,000) and the Capital Improvements Fund ($100,000).