Ogden-Woodgate Intersection

Ogden Woodgate RoundaboutOverview
The intersection of Ogden Road and Woodgate Road was one of the most difficult intersections to navigate in the city, especially during high-traffic times. Because of its proximity to Dry Cedar Creek, Ogden Road was built with a skew to the north as it approaches Woodgate Road. When the city built the piece of Ogden Road between Townsend Avenue and Woodgate Road, it was impossible to align it with the existing intersection. The result was an intersection with the two legs of Ogden Road offset by 200 feet. Additionally, Woodgate Road runs at an angle, making a traditional 90-degree intersection impossible. This all occurs as both roads cross Dry Cedar Creek at approximately a 45-degree angle.

This project realigned Ogden Road into a single intersection with Woodgate Road. To accomplish this, we replaced the existing culvert with a longer (270 feet) box culvert.

The intersection was completely rebuilt as a modern urban single-lane roundabout. This was the best alternative to align the various angles at the intersection. The roundabout will slow traffic through the intersection but allow it to move smoothly. Even during peak travel times vehicles entering Woodgate Road from Ogden Road will not experience the delays and frustration that they did before. 

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