Airport Sewer Trunk Line

The 2008 Sewer Master Plan identified several areas where line capacities were either at or near capacity and where new or upgraded lines are needed to serve future development. 

Project Detail
The Airport Sewer Trunk Line, the most urgently needed project, installed over 17,000 feet of 30-inch sewer line. Construction of this major sewer trunk line began in 2011, but work was delayed indefinitely when problems were encountered while boring underneath the 17/35 runway at the Montrose Regional Airport (MRA).

The city was able to complete work on the airport phase of the project in 2012 by coordinating construction schedules with the MRA’s runway overlay project. Completion of this portion of the 30-inch line has allowed the city to lift a sewer tap moratorium on the north side of the city.

In 2013, Phase III of the project extended the sewer trunk line from the 6450 Road bridge southward to the intersection of North Seventh Street and Uncompahgre Avenue. This portion connected to an 8000-foot section of new sewer line, referred to as the Mesa Sewer Line, that that was installed in 2008. 

Yet another project will replace 6,000 feet of undersized sewer line along Mesa Avenue and Sunnyside Road and connect to the southern end of the Mesa Sewer Line.