Sunshine Road Water Tank

The City of Montrose is adding a 3 million gallon water tank to its distribution system in the southeast portion of the city.  The tank, located east of Sunshine Road and north of Patti Court, will bring the city's treated water storage to a total of 8.9 million gallons, which is enough to supply approximately 120% of the city’s peak day usage in the summer.

In 2008, The Engineering Company (TEC) completed a tank siting analysis and the city acquired the necessary property and easements to construct the tank and the associated water line. 

Local contractor Skip Huston Construction, Inc. has provided the earthwork and site improvements, while the actual tank construction is being performed by Preload, Inc. from Hauppauge, NY.  The $3.2 million project will benefit the local economy by using mostly locally supplied materials, including concrete and gravel, in addition to local labor being hired to supplement the specialty crews needed for the tank construction.

The construction of the tank will remove just under 0.5 acre of wetland under an US Army Corp of Engineers permit. This permit requires the creation, restoration or enhancement of wetlands elsewhere in the city to compensate for the removal of the wetlands on the tank site.

Under a separate construction contract, about 8,800 feet of new water supply line will be installed along Sunshine Road / 6725 Road to connect to the new water tank.  The work was awarded to Iron Woman Utilities at a contract cost of $958,000.

Cost & Funding
The engineering and construction cost for the tank is estimated to be $3.2 million. A $500,000 Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance grant will help offset a portion of the project cost. The cost for the tank, waterline, and wetlands mitigation will be paid from the Water Fund.