Grand/Rio Grande Improvement Project

The purpose of the Grand / Rio Grande Project (or West Side Arterial Project) is to design and construct a two-lane minor arterial that will reduce traffic loads on Townsend Avenue and improve north / south traffic flow through the city. The project includes the segment of Grand / Rio Grande Avenue from North Ninth Street south to the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Townsend Avenue.

The first phase of the project involved conducting environmental studies and engaging community involvement as required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). This process examined potential impacts on such things as wetlands, wildlife areas, recreational facilities, and home and business owners. The city hired an engineering and planning firm, Jacobs Carter Burgess, to complete the NEPA study and the second phase of the project.

Phase two included final design plans for the segment between North Ninth Street and South First Street, as well as right-of-way appraisal and acquisition services for the entire project corridor. Completion of phase two provided the city with documents and services needed to begin construction between North Ninth Street and South First Street.

Current Project Status
The portion of Grand / Rio Grande Avenue between South First Street and North Fifth Street was completed during the 2012 construction season.  Construction of the segment from South First Street to Oak Grove Road will not be possible until funding and property acquisition issues are resolved.

Cost and Funding
The project will receive $4.94 million in federal funding (Montrose West Side Arterial, Project #HPP M910-005) over a five-year period that began in 2006. The city will provide 20% matching funds from the 1998 Revenue Bonds for a total project budget of $6.18 million.

Detailed Project Information
September 2008 Open House Documents