Kathy Ellis

Kathy Ellis
Kathy Ellis gained 27 years of diverse business experience prior to moving to Montrose in 1999.  She was elected to the Montrose City Council in 2008, serving two terms as Mayor and one year as Mayor Pro-Tem. She was employed with Lockheed Martin for 14 years where she worked her way up from an entry-level position to become one of five staff compliance auditors within the Mission Success organization. She also has been a small business owner, worked in Management, Finance, as a Denver Police Dispatch agent, and an Emergency Room clerk at Denver General Hospital.

She was consistently rated as an “outstanding” employee by demonstrating her strengths in leadership, administration, versatility, initiative, problem solving, effective communication skills, developing and implementing procedures, training and mentoring peers, being a goalsetter, being an independent thinker, and a team player.

Since moving to Montrose in 1999, Kathy has been actively involved in the community, serving with several local organizations including:
  • Montrose Association of Commerce and Tourism (Executive Board)
  • Region 10 (Executive Board)
  • Montrose Republican Central Committee (Past Executive Board – Secretary)
  • Montrose Republican Women (Past President & Current Member)
  • Life Choices Family Resource Center (Past Director and Board Member)
  • Midwestern Suicide Prevention Project (Advisory Council)
  • Homestead Assisted Living (Volunteer – Bible Study Teacher)
  • Victory Baptist Church (Member)
Kathy’s personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is a priority in her life. Her other priorities are love for her husband of (almost) 33 years, 2 children, 6 grandchildren, family, church, and love for this nation and community.

Even though City Council is a non-partisan position, Kathy has been a life-long Republican with strong conservative beliefs and values. She firmly adheres to the principles adopted by the Montrose Republican Central Committee, which are:
  • Protect our individual and property rights
  • Protect our Free Enterprise system
  • Reduce Government to the lowest practical level
  • Endorse and practice fiscal responsibility
  • Support our U.S. Constitution

Kathy loves living in Montrose and is committed to assuring the “Quality of Life” in the City of Montrose. She believes it is the responsibility of every resident to do their part in maintaining our quality of life.