David Romero

David Romero

David is a life-long Montrose resident who loves the rural way of living and the abundance of outdoor activities that the Western Slope has to offer. On a typical weekend you might find him enjoying time with his family riding on ATVs or snowmobiles on the Alpine or Uncompahgre Plateau. Working with youth, exploring other cultures, and sports are his other passions.

He has a real interest in public service and giving back to this community and has enjoyed the experience of supporting youth programs such as Boys and Girls Club, Partners, and Pee Wee Wrestling. Promoting local and accessible education is also one of his driving forces.

David graduated from Mesa State College in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He was employed for seven years in Montrose as a state probation officer and quickly learned problem solving, crisis management, counseling, rehabilitation, and de-escalation skills. Public safety was always paramount, as well as community reparation through offender accountability, skill, and competency. He has spent the last seven years as a supervisor for the Delta and Gunnison Probation Departments, dealing with personnel Issues, team building, and managing budgets.

David has served on the following boards:

  • Community Domestic Violence Committee 2002-2003
  • Montrose Citizen's Advisory Committee for Montrose City Comprehensive Plan 2007-2008
  • Mesa State Advisory Committee 2008-present
  • Delta SB94 Board 2010-present
  • Gunnison HB1451 Board member 2009-present
  • 7th Judicial Community Corrections Screening Board June 2013 - present

As a member of the City Council, he plans to use his leadership skills, inclusive approach, and attention to detail to work collaboratively with the current council and community partners to enhance Montrose. He believes his age is an asset that allows him to represent the views of the working class and youth in the community who are ready to take on the leadership challenges that the city faces moving forward.