Montrose Police Department

Tom Chinn
“The City of Montrose is a growing community with opportunities in the Montrose Police Department that have the potential for positive change.

Community policing is the direction that our department is taking, knowing that community members are the key to solving and preventing crime.

If you are considering law enforcement as a career you should consider the Montrose Police  Department as a progressive agency. Montrose is a beautiful place to live and raise a family."        
Tom Chinn—Chief of Police
About the MPD
The Montrose Police Department is an integral part of the City of Montrose.  Under the direction of Chief Tom Chinn, the department employs 38 sworn officers, with a total of 57 employees.

The Patrol Division, managed by Commander Keith Caddy, is responsible for the day to day operations of traffic, patrol, Internal Affairs and initial investigations.

The Administrative Support Division, managed by Commander Gene Lillard, includes Investigations, and civilian support staff  positions.

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